Dental Crowns Made from Advanced Restorative Materials

Dental crowns, sometimes called “caps,” are a common option to restore damaged teeth. A crown will fit all the way over your decayed or weakened tooth, enhancing both its appearance and your dental function. Dr. Michael Molnar will discuss your health needs to determine whether a dental crown at our Tarrytown, NY, office is right for you. 

In addition to traditional crowns, he can also provide implant-supported crowns for superior stability. Because he previously worked as a dental ceramist, Dr. Molnar understands the importance of aesthetically pleasing restorations. He will partner with our dental lab to ensure that your crown blends naturally with your smile.

Dr. Molnar will work closely with the lab. With this input, he can provide a restoration that blends impeccably with your smile.

Graphic of a dental crown covering a tooth
A crown will cover your entire tooth to provide strength and protection.

Is a Dental Crown Appropriate for You?

A crown may be suitable if you suffer from any of the following oral health problems:

  • A cavity that is too large for a filling, inlay, or onlay
  • A cracked or weakened tooth
  • Dental infection that requires root canal therapy
  • Dental erosion, particularly if it affects the force of your bite
  • Severe cosmetic blemishes, such as dramatic internal staining or a misshapen tooth

Dr. Molnar can also provide an implant-supported crown to replace missing teeth. These restorations can fill the gaps in your smile without affecting your surrounding teeth as traditional bridges do.

The Treatment Process

Before placing a crown, Dr. Molnar will take x-rays and other scans to make sure that a crown is an appropriate restoration for you. When you are ready to begin treatment, he will carefully reshape your tooth. Typically using advanced dental lasers, he will remove damaged tissue and make room for your crown. Our dental tools are very precise and do not produce unpleasant noises or friction.

When he is finished, Dr. Molnar will take impressions of your tooth. Ceramists at our lab will use these molds to create a crown that is a near-perfect fit. A former ceramist himself, Dr. Molnar will work closely with the lab. With this collaboration, he can provide a restoration that blends impeccably with your smile. Our crowns are made from a variety of advanced materials, including lithium disilicate, all-porcelain and zirconia. These offer "metal-free" cosmetic options.

If you are going to receive an implant-supported crown, you will first undergo implant surgery. Once your jaw has healed, Dr. Molnar can restore your implant with a custom-designed dental crown. Our implant-supported restorations are crafted with the same care and precision as traditional crowns.

Dental Crowns Patient

Before photo of dental crowns patient
After photo of dental crowns patient
Dental crowns helped this patient achieve a brighter, more even smile.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Because a crown can completely cover your tooth, it can often repair even severely damaged teeth and prevent the need for extraction. The treatment can help you to enjoy complete smile and full dental function. If you are suffering from a toothache, your restoration can also alleviate your discomfort, since Dr. Molnar will remove any bacteria or damaged tissue, and weakened areas of your tooth will no longer be exposed.

Additionally, a crown can enhance the appearance of your smile, blending with the shade of your teeth and matching your bite. Finally, our carefully-made crowns are very durable. When you care for your teeth properly, the restoration could last ten years or more.

Vital Restorative Care

Dental crowns can repair the form and function of your smile with lifelike results. To learn more about crowns and our commitment to aesthetics, contact our office today.

Dr. Molnar

The Offices of Michael G. Molnar

Dr. Michael Molnar is an award-winning dentist who has provided superior cosmetic and restorative dental care to patients in the Tarrytown, NY, area since 1978. He uses only the highest quality materials and the most advanced dental technologies, such as laser dentistry, to ensure patient satisfaction and comfort. Prestigious affiliations include:

  • American Dental Association
  • 9th District Dental Association
  • Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

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